Celebration feast for BBQ Villa coming under the Handmade BBQ umbrellla.

BBQ Villa Is Now Part of Handmade BBQ

Handmade BBQ is excited to announce a great enhancement to our community: we’ve acquired the domain of the well regarded BBQVilla.com!

At Handmade BBQ, our mission is to be the most thorough resource for all things barbecue, from expert smoking techniques and grill reviews to delicious marinade recipes and deep dives into BBQ culture.

This new acquisition allows us to expand our breadth of content significantly.

What Was BBQ Villa?

BBQ Villa was known for its rich, engaging content that covered a wide range of barbecue related topics, including detailed guides on various types of smokers and practical advice for grill enthusiasts.

It built a strong following by connecting barbecue lovers with valuable insights and community interaction.

What Does This Mean for Handmade BBQ?

While we are not continuing the BBQ Villa brand, the essence of what made it a valuable resource will live on at Handmade BBQ.

We are excited to integrate key aspects of BBQ Villa’s content into our existing offerings.

This expansion means more diverse knowledge, tips, and techniques available to you under the Handmade BBQ umbrella.

We are dedicated to rebuilding and enhancing the former BBQ Villa content to align with our high standards and your expectations. This approach not only broadens our scope but also deepens the quality and variety of the information we can offer.

Stay tuned as we roll out new and updated content inspired by our latest change.

We’re committed to making Handmade BBQ your one stop shop for all your barbecue needs.

Thank you for your continued support as we grill up something fantastic together!

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